Where to next?


One of the nicest memories of 2016 was made riding our bikes for hours along Daytona Beach.

Being the laid-back, non-planners that we are, we decided to head toward Chicago next week to visit our friends. Bill and Val.  We met Bill and Val during our stay last winter in Bonita Springs, Florida.  They are interesting people and avid bikers and we want to travel with someone who wants to do something other than happy hour – Bill and Val more than adequately meet this requirement!!  They do do happy hour. So here we go. Continue reading “Where to next?”

Am I bored?

What do you do all day? Are you finding retirement boring? Honestly, it is a bit boring without Kirk.  There is no driver to get things done each day, like the prospect of work tomorrow, or the weekend.  There seem to be no time limits and I need a deadline to motivate and push me along.  I’m not complaining although it may seem so.  I am extremely lucky that Kirk is willing to keep working even though I’ve thrown in the towel.  Thoughts of taking up a part-time or temporary full-time job have crossed my mind…even seriously for a few minutes but the logistics of having to ask for time off in case I want or need to go and visit our daughter, son-in-law and new granddaughter in Calgary stop me in my tracks.

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We’re back home again and planning our next adventure!

Of all the time we spent away, the past few weeks have been the very best.  We left Newmarket on December 29th and headed straight to Savannah, Georgia (in less than 24 hours) where we had left our coach in October.  We then rushed to Brunswick, Georgia to meet Kirk’s cousin Rose and her husband Bob who were waiting anxiously for us.  They had a beautiful steak dinner with a nice bottle of red wine ready for us when we arrived.  It was lovely.

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Here we are, at least 10 weeks into our winter stay in Florida and we are adapting well.  Oh, and we’ve become grandparents along the way too.  Just like every other grandparent we’re of course going to tell you she’s beautiful and perfect.

Just so you get the idea…I am attaching this picture of Elanor Iris May born February 27, 2016 holding her papa’s thumb and another of her perfect profile. IMG_0398 Continue reading “Adaptation”

Are we adapting to retirement?

Here we are, already perhaps 1/4 of the way through our time here in Florida.  Where does the time go?  We’re definitely busy, but not as busy as we usually were with work and home and all the other “stuff” that occupies our lives.  The weather has been cool and there has been a lot of rain and high winds during our time down here but the nice days have more than made up for it with sun and warmth.  The cool weather has been a good thing because we haven’t gotten burned – our usual problem when getting into the sun.

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Hours to go

Tension, anxiety, stress, anticipation…a little of each is over shadowing these last few days before we head out.  Still have so much to do before I hand over my keys, badge, cell phone, laptop etc. and close the door behind me.  So many wish us well on our next adventure.

Today we got the garage cleaned so the Prius will fit in there, protected for the few months we’re away.  I worked for the afternoon in the office getting files cleaned up, organizing, listing the things I had to do, did KPIs etc.  Four hours was gone in no time.

I think Leo senses something’s going on because he’s more clingy and bothersome at night than usual.  I will miss you too little kitty.


Argh! It’s now so close…

Just six more days of work, Christmas with most of our family together and then Kirk and I head down to Savannah to get the RV.  We’re ready to go and excited but worried too.  Will our young son behave himself?  I so want him to accomplish his dreams and hope he is on that journey.  He’s a great guy, really special, generous spirited and kind but not confident in himself at all.  If he’s happy doing what he’s doing, we’re fine with that.  Please just keep out of trouble, save for your future and think for yourself son.  We love you so much.P1040875

Thoughts on lost posts and found friends….

I created a really great post a couple of weeks past.  Should have paid better attention to the warning when I started that said something about user not being able to post.  Alas, I continued (brazenly disregarded) and have nothing to show for it.  Bloody hell…it would have been one of the best posts so far and now I can’t even remember what I was trying to say at the time.  Some fleeting thought I’m sure that at the time seemed so intelligent.  So here I am now 6 weeks away from my last day at my current job.  My ambiguity wanes and waxes yet I push myself to stay engaged.

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